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You don’t see the pipes in your home every day, but if one of them is damaged, you’ll suddenly have a terrible time ignoring it.

If you need piping or re-piping services, call O’Gorman Brothers Plumbing today. We can service any home or business in or around Holmdel, Keyport, Old Bridge, Matawan, and Aberdeen.

6 Signs it’s Time for Our Piping and Re-Piping Services

Not sure if you need our piping and re-piping services? Here’s a quick check list to run through that will help you decide.

1. Leaks

This is the obvious one, of course. If you come home to a basement that’s flooding, you probably don’t need us to tell you it’s time for one of our plumbers to get out there right away.

That said, sometimes, a minor leak seems like something you can ignore for awhile. You may even try fixing it yourself with “rubber in a can,” joint-sealing compound, or other store-bought products.

The problem is that, it may seem like your efforts were successful, when all you really did was buy yourself some time.

Let one of our experienced plumbers take a look and you’ll have peace of mind knowing the problem has been resolved.

2. “Rusty” Water

Aging pipes often produce water that has rust in it. You do not want to drink that. Instead, call us so we can replace the problem pipe and return your water to being crystal clear.

3. Loud Noises

Although loud noises may seem like a major problem, the truth is that usually it just means something is blocking the water and causing pressure to build. You don’t want that to continue for very long or the pipe could burst, but it’s a fairly easy problem for our plumbers to fix.

4. Low Water Pressure

Of course, low water pressure isn’t ideal, either. It could also be due to a blockage that is allowing pressure to build. Your pressure relief valve may have malfunctioned. We can fix both.

5. Expensive Water Bills

Have you recently noticed that your monthly water bill has taken a massive jump? Are you positive your use hasn’t increased by nearly enough to justify this bill?

Then the culprit is probably a leak in your pipes somewhere. It could even be more than one.

Worst of all, you’re not just wasting money on water you’re not using. That water is probably causing damage elsewhere in your house.

6. Wet Foundation

A perfect example of this is if the foundation of your home is constantly damp. You may even notice or smell mold or mildew. This is not a problem you want to allow to continue for very long. Leaking pipes are behind it and the blockage that could be behind that problem may soon cause further leaks.

Don’t Put Off Our New Jersey Piping and Re-Piping Services

We promise our prices are affordable enough that you don’t need to put off this importance service. The alternative – waiting for the problem to get much worse – is going to be far more expensive.

If you’re located in or around Holmdel, Keyport, Old Bridge, Matawan, and Aberdeen, give us a call today at (732) 497-0399.

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